Dungeons & Dragons (5.x)
Forgotten Realms

Kya's little furry feet were carrying her body as fast as they could, as fast as they ever had, but when she dared a quick backward glance, her pursuers were still too close for comfort.  She should have left them far behind by now, she was much quicker and more nimble, but these elven troops were not at all like the old City Watch.  They wore soft boots that made them nearly impossible to hear, even for her highly sensitive and trained hearing.  The supple armor they worn was tough as any, not that she ever cared to actually fight one, but it also allowed them to move with quickness and agility and it didn't tire them out near as quick.  As she ran, breathing heavier all the time, this last fact continued to be foremost in Kya's mind.

The Halfling told herself to calm down, there was a sewer entrance not far that she could easily slip through, they'd never fit and she'd be in the clear.  Just around the next corner... 

The mist that hung heavy all day had, with the setting of the sun, turned into a light but annoyingly steady rain.  Rounding the corner, Kya slipped just a bit on the slick cobbles but quickly regained her balance, giving it less thought than she should've in her agitated state.  Speeding on, she saw to her horror, that a large number of crates had been stacked along the walkway and onto the street; completely covering the storm drain she was hoping to use as her escape!

It was at this time that the first hint of panic crept into her blood.  The mission had been blown, that was bad enough, but she was starting to realize that there was more going on than just that.  Blown missions happen; but then to have both her primary and backup escape routes unavailable?  Then this, the sewer grate coincidentally has boxes covering it.  Could they have known all of this?  Was there a mole in the cell?  What other explanation could there be?

These thoughts now flooded her consciousness, but they did her no good at the moment.  In fact, they may have been the final factor in deciding the fate of Kya's young life.

She was now in uncharted territory.  She had had to use backup escapes and rally-points in the past, no big deal, but this was the first time that she had to wholly improvise an escape.