Dungeons & Dragons (2e)
If you were in this game and logged in and find you cannot access your menu or that you are no longer connected to RPG Agents 20 Am.  There has been some sort of error and it has been reported.  I logged in today and found that all characters in the game were assigned to me and show no players on my roster.  I am not sure why or how,  but its been reported,  my sincere apologies.

below is part of the game description

As a rebellion looms in the future. The weary stretched mind of a now feeling very ancient wizard ponders the near future. With grandchildren now of the magic generation and on the eve of the second rising. It would not set well on his mind. Had his own destiny become so great that family would not come first. It is after all, what kept him alive. Some matters would need...influence. The future of the modern world, now more than ever, needs the balance to be universal. Order will have its second chance, with minds that know nothing else but the truth. Not sides, but Order, as it was meant to be. Staring out the window, gazing at his own rendition of what he thinks the future may bring, he whispers as he breathes and it fogs the glass. "The children...it is time for the children to come. My blood is summoned and all that follow." Continuing with a sigh the last part n Elvish spell tongue, "Tethyr of Drakkonar, the first footstep of M. "Khor Ni Tulta Tye" (Lord Guardians I Summon Thee). After a moment passes and he whispered these words, he mutters, "May the season Magnance be merciful"

If you are interested in gaming but have no idea where to begin making a character for 2nd edition,  just apply for lurking.  I can convert you from lurker to player and place you on a character sheet and help with everything.  Please,  don't be intimidated or have reservations. It's all just role-playing and what you make out of it.

You have entered an Inner Chamber Interface. 

I am MC000. Liaison to the M Dimension Arcanum Gates and Earth Inner Chamber Systems. I do not have your bios registered in my database.  Please, relax while the virtual matrix welcomes you.  

Initiating Campaign Setting Influencers...

Dj Kahuna mixed this set FYI,  that's Mestropil when he's not plotting your deaths :)

"If you were to compare where I envision this game to be a movie inspiration,  on the comparison of movies.  I'd call it a Matrix vs. Fifth Element meets Lord of the Rings"


Now with archives of information at your avail.  Let us begin with your physical and mental attributes.  More commonly known as your Ability scores.


 Strength (Str) measures a character's muscle, endurance, and stamina. This ability is the prime requisite of warriors because They must be physically powerful in order to wear armor and wield heavy weapons. A fighter with a score of 16 o r more in Strength gains a 10 pe~nt bonus to the experience points, he earns. Furthermore, any warrior with a Strength a score of 18 is entitled to roll percentile dice (see Glossary) to determine exceptional Strength; exceptional Strength improves the character's chance 10 hit an enemy, increases the damage he causes with each hit increases the weight the character is able to carry without a penalty for encumbrance (see below). and increases the character's ability to force open doors and similar portals


Intelligence (lnt) represents a character's memory, reasoning. and learning ability, including areas outside those measured by the written word. Intelligence dictates the number of languages a character can learn. Intelligence is the prime requisite of word wizards, who must have keen minds to understand and memorize magical spells. A wizard with an Intelligence score of 16 or higher gains a 10 percent bonus to experience points earned. The wizard's Intelligence dictates which spell he can learn and the number of spells he can memorize at one time. Only those of the highest Intelligence can comprehend the mighty magic of 9th-level spells


Wisdom (Wis) describes a composite of the character's enlightenment. judgment. guile, willpower, common sense, and intuition. It can affect 1M character's resistance to magical attack. It is the prime requisite of priests; those with a Wisdom score of 16 or higher gain a 10 percent bonus to experience points earned. Clerics, druids, and other priests with Wisdom scores of 13 or higher also gain bonus spells over and above the number they are normally allowed to use. A perfect example of the difference between intelligence and Wisdom.  intelligence tells you it's raining,  wisdom tells you to bring an umbrella


Dexterity (Dex) encompasses several physical attributes including hand~eye coordination, agility, reaction speed, reflexes, and balance. Dexterity affects a character's reaction 10 a threat or surprise, his accuracy with thrown weapons and bows, and his ability to dodge an enemy's blows. It is the prime requisite of rogues and affects their professional skills. A rogue with a Dexterity score of 16 or higher gains a 10 percent bonus to the experience points he' earns. 


A character's Constitution (Con) score encompasses his physique, fitness, health, and physical resistance to hardship, Injury, and disease. Since this ability affects the character's hit points and chances of surviving such tremendous shocks as being physically reshaped by magic or resurrected from death, it is vitally important to all classes. Some classes have minimum allowable Constitution scores. 


The Charisma (Cha) the score measures a character's persuasiveness, personal magnetism, and ability to lead, It is not a reflection of physical attractiveness, although attractiveness certainly plays a role. It is important to all characters, but especially to those who must deal with nonplayer characters (NPCs). mercenary hirelings, retainers, and intelligent monsters. It dictates the total number of henchmen a character can retain and affects the loyalty of henchmen, hirelings, and retainers

Based on what you have just learned about the above ability scores.  Use the dice rolling method selected below,  and assign your abilities scores where they best suit the class you wish to become.

Method V: Roll four six-sided dice (4d6). Discard the lowest die and total of the remaining three. Repeat this five more times, then assign the six numbers to the character's abilities however you want. This is a fast method that gives you a good character, but you can still get low scores (after all, you could roll 1s on all four dice!)  

 Choose a Race

See Table 7 for ability score requirements.
Then adjust the character's scores according to the race chosen

Dwarf Con +1, Cha -1 
Elf Dex +1, Con -1 
Gnome Int +1, Wis -1 
Half-elf no adjustments 
Halfling Dex +1, Str -1 
Human no adjustments

Consult tables 1-6 and record the various bonuses and penalties the character receives for having particularly high or low scores. Consult the racial descriptions in chapter 2 and record the character's special racial abilities. Finally, check Tables 10, 11, and 12 to determine the character's height, weight, starting age, and age effects. There are hundreds of life forms that might interest you to try and role play,  but the most common agent types,  usually choose from...

Human, Elf, Dwarf, Gnome, Half-Elf, Halfling, or...

A Aarakocra Aasimar Abber Nomad Adu'ja Aelfborn Aetherborn Agrutha Alaghi Alfar Aquatic Elf Aranea Armand Asaatthi Asherati Ashiera Aspis Athame Atlantean Avariel Aven Aventi Azerblood Azurin B Bakali Baphitaur Bariaur Bearfolk Beastman (D&D) Bhuka Bladeling Bleachling Blue Goblin Broken One Brownie Buckawn Bugbear Bullywug Buomman C Caliban (Ravenloft) Catfolk Cayma Celadrin Centaur Cervan Changeling Charduni Chitine Corvum Crabfolk Crocodilian Crucian Cyclopean D Template:D&D1e-Races Template:D&D2e-Races Template:D&D4e-Races Template:D&D5e-Races D'hin'ni Darfellan Dark One Deep Imaskari Demihuman Derro Deva Diabolus Diopsid Dockalfar Doppelganger Dracon Draconian Draconic Dracotaur Draegloth Dragon kind Dragonborn Dragonkin Dray Dreamlands Cat Dromite Drow Dryad Duergar Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition races Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition Duskling Duthka'gith Dvati Dwarf Dwarrow Dworg E Ee'aar Eladrin Elan Eletum Elf Elf subraces Elfling Enduk Eneko Enjin Erlking Extaminaar F Faenare Fainil Faun Ferek Fetch Fey'ri Firbolg Fire Gnome Flesh Golem Forestkith Goblin Fraal Fremlin Frost Dwarf Frost Folk G Gallus Gearforged Geckonid Genasi Ghedan Ghost Elf Ghul Gibberling Giff Gith Githyanki Githzerai Glimmerfolk Gloaming Gnoll Gnome Gnor Goblin Goliath Golmoid Gremlin Grimlock Grommam Grung Gruwaar Gurrash H Hadozee Hagspawn Half-Deepkin Half-Dragon Half-Dryad Half-Dwarf Half-Elf Half-Giant Half-Githzerai Half-Gnoll Half-Gnome Half-Goblin Half-Golem Half-Hobgoblin Half-Ogre Half-Orc Half-Satyr Half-Vistani Halfling Hamadryad Harpy Harsaff Hedge Hellbred Hengeyokai User:Hiddenkrypt Hobgoblin Hollow Legionnaire Hsiao Human Hurwaeti Hutaakan I Ibixian Iguanid Illumian Incunabulum Insectare Irda Ith-kon J Jarak-sinn Jerbeen Jermlaine Jerren K Kalashtar Kappa Karsite Kender Kenku Khenra Killoren Kir-lanan Kobold Kogolor Kopru Kor Korobokuru Krinth Kubbit Kyrie L Laridian Leprechaun Lerara List of D&D PC Races List of Dwarf Subraces Lizardfolk Locathah Loxo Loxodon Luma Lumi Lupin Lythari M Maenad Malenti Manscorpion Manticora Mapach Masgai Maug Mephling Merrow Minnenewah Minotaur Modron Mongrelfolk Mortif Mul Mutant N N'djatwa Naga Nagpa Neanderthal Necroji Neraphim Nezumi Norker Nycter O Ogre Oni Oni-Touched Orc Orog Oruk P Pegataur Pershala Pevishan Phaedran Phaethon Phanaton Pixie Planetouched Pooka Psonorous Pterran Pyon Pyreen Q Quaggoth Quaraphon Quasta R Rakasta Raptor (Humblewood) Raptoran Rasilhi Rastipede Ratfolk Ravenfolk Ravenkin Red Falcon Redcap Revenant Rilkan Roddun User:RubyEclipse/Jews S Sapromneme Sathoni Satyr Saurial Scro Sea Giant Sea Kin Sergal Serpentfolk Sesheyan Shadar-kai Shade Shades Shadow Elf Shadow Fey Shadowswyft Sharakim Shardmind Shark-kin Shazak Shifter Shikome Siarran Sidhe Siren Skarn Skulk Slitherin Slyth Snow Elf Spellscale Sphinx Spiker Spirit Folk Sprite Steametic Strig Su-Doppelganger Su-Monster Sutak Svirfneblin Swanmay Synad T T'kel T'sa Tabi Taer Tanarukk Tanuki Tarn Idoun Tel-Amhothlan Telvar Help:Template Thanoi Thebestyn Therianthrope Thri-kreen Tiefling Tinker Gnome Tokay Tortle Treant Triton Troglodyte Troll Trollkin Trow U Ulb Uldra Umibo Unbodied Underfolk Urdunnir Ursoi V Varag Varanid Vashar Vedalken Verbeeg Verdan Viashino Vistani Voadkyn Voda Volodni Vril Vryloka Vulpin W Wallara Warforged Wemic Wilden Wildren Wood Imp Wooddrake Worghest X Xakhun Elf Xeph Xill Xixchil Xvart Y Yurian Z Zoog Zygodac 
 All hail the mighty 1d4chan.org for their awesome work and helpful tools for character creation

Step 3: Select a Class (chapter 3) 

A Abjurer Acrobat Adept Alchemist Anchorite Arcanist Archivist Ardent Aristocrat Artificer Athasian Dragon Avangion Avenger B Barbarian Bard Battlemind Beguiler Binder Blackguard Bladesinger Blood Hunter C Cavalier Class Cleric Commoner 1d4chan:Community Portal Conjurer Crusader D Template:D&D3-Classes Template:D&D4-Classes Template:D&D5-Classes Dimensionalist Divine Mind Diviner Dragon Shaman Dragonfire Adept Dread Necromancer Druid Druid of Rhiannon Dualist Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition Duskblade E Elementalist Enchanter Epic Destiny Epic Levels Erudite Evoker Exemplar Expert F Factotum Favored Class Favored Soul Fighter Force Mage G Geometer Gestalt character Gish H Healer Hexblade User:Hiddenkrypt Houri Hunter (D&D) I Illusionist Invoker K Kits Knight L Lurk M Mage Magewright Marshal Mentalist Metamage Monk Multiclassing Mystic Mystic Theurge N Necromancer Ninja O Obeah P Paladin Paragon Path Prestige Class Protector Psion Psychic Warrior R Rake Ranger Rogue Rune Scribe Runecaster Runemaster Runepriest S Samurai Scout (D&D) Seeker Sentinel (D&D) Sha'ir Shadow Magic Shadow Walker Shadowcaster Shaman Shugenja Sidhe Scholar Skald Slayer Sohei Song Mage Sorcerer (Dungeons & Dragons) Soulborn Soulknife Spellsinger Spellthief Spirit Shaman Swashbuckler Swordmage Swordsage T Templar Help:Template Totemist Transmuter Truenamer U Urban Druid V Vampire Variant Class W Warblade Warden Warlock Warlord Warmage Warpriest Warrior Weavespinner Wild Mage Wilder Witch Wizard Wokani Wu Jen

    All hail the mighty 1d4chan.org for their awesome work and helpful tools for character creation

    Step 4: Choose an Alignment (chapter 4)

    In selecting your alignment, abide by class restrictions: 

    Paladin               lawful good 
    Ranger               lawful, neutral, or chaotic good 
    Mythos Priest    any acceptable to the deity 
    Bard                   any neutral combination 
    All others           any 

    Step 5: Record Saving Throws and THAC0 (chapter 9)

    Table 53: CALCULATED THAC0S - Players Handbook 2nd edition Page 91

    Your probably new school and perhaps have no idea what a Thaco score is. Well...

    To determine ones thaco is easy to find in the players handbook,  but how adjustments and bonuses can affect it,  well,  I hope this makes it easier

    Weapon types ---> Longbow +1 Longsword +3 Shortsword +2 Dagger
    STR Hit Probability 0 0 0 0
    Damage Adjustment 0 0 0 0
    DEX Missile Attack
    +2 0 0 +2 IF THROWN
    Proficiency + To Hit +1 +1 +1 +1
    + To Damage +2 +2 +2 +2
    Magic + To Hit +1 +3 +2 0
    + To Damage +1 +3 +2 0
    Speed 8 5 3 2
    Range Short 70 yds 10 yds
    Medium 140 yds 20 yds
    Long 210 yds 30 yds
    ROF 2/1 2/1

    & MEDIUM
    1d8+3 1d8+5 1d6+4 1d4+2
    LARGE 1d8+3 1d12+5 1d8+4 1d3+2
    TOTAL +'s TO HIT HERE +4 +4 +3 +1/+3
    make the total +'s a negative number, and place it here,  then on your
    thaco chart, subtract this negative from your base thaco,  the one you got according to your level
    and place that number as your number to hit armor class zero in the yellow box, for the corresponding weapon  the rest is calculated by
    your thaco per each weapon
    -4 -4 -3 -1/-3
    Weight 2 lbs 4 lbs 3 lbs 1 lb.
    +2 point blank range, 6' - 30' targets

    This is the actual Thaco Chart,  based off the stats above

    Negative #'s are harder to hit Positive #'s are easier to hit
    Opponents Armor Class -10 -9 -8 -7 -6 -5 -4 -3 -2 -1 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
    Longbow +1 23 22 21 20 19 18 17 16 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3
    Long Sword +3 23 22 21 20 19 18 17 16 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3
    Short Sword +2 24 23 22 21 20 19 18 17 16 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4
    Dagger 26 25 24 23 22 21 20 19 18 17 16 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6
    Dagger/Thrown 24 23 22 21 20 19 18 17 16 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4
    This is the number you need or higher on a 1d20 vs your opponents armor class rating

    once the math is done,  its just roll a d 20 and don't worry about sitting trying to figure out If you hit or not. And no,  you don't have to do all this.  I'll build it for you

    Table 60: Character Saving Throws 

    Players Handbook 2nd edition Page 101 

     Attack Types to be Saved Against. 

    Each class has saving throw scores found on page 101.

    Priests            Save Vs.

    Paralyzation, Poison, Death Magic
    Rods, Staves & Wands
    Petrification & Polymorphing
    Breath Weapons

       Save Vs.

    Paralyzation, Poison, Death Magic
    Rods, Staves & Wands
    Petrification & Polymorphing
    Breath Weapons

    Warriors    Save Vs.

    Paralyzation, Poison, Death Magic
    Rods, Staves & Wands
    Petrification & Polymorphing
    Breath Weapons

    Wizards             Save Vs.

    Paralyzation, Poison, Death Magic
    Rods, Staves & Wands
    Petrification & Polymorphing
    Breath Weapons

    Step 6: Roll Hit Points (chapter 3) 

    Roll the appropriate hit die for your character. If the character is multi-classed, roll all applicable hit dice and average the results. 

    Warrior 1d10 
    Priest 1d8 
    Rogue 1d6 
    Mage 1d4

    don't forget to add your Constitution bonus if you have one

    Step 7: Record Base Movement (chapter 14) 

    Find the character's base movement rate in Table 64 and record it. If the optional encumbrance rules are in effect, also record the encumbrance categories from Table 47 and modified movement rates and combat abilities. 

    Step 8: Select Proficiencies (optional, chapter 5) 

    Consult Table 34 to determine the character's weapon and nonweapon proficiency slots. Add the character's number of languages known (from Table 4) to his number of nonweapon proficiencies. Select weapon proficiencies. If the character is a fighter, you may select a weapon specialization. Select nonweapon proficiencies. Record their relevant abilities and check modifiers. 

    Step 9: Equip Your Character (chapter 6) 

     Using Table 44, select and pay for your character's starting equipment.

    9.1 Starting Funds,   Nah forget that. 

    500 Gold....no strings attached.  

    9.2 Once you've picked your armor,  select your Armor Class Rating 

    Consult Table 46 to determine your character's armor class rating. Modify this base AC by his or her defensive adjustment. 

    9.3 Weapons 

    Using Table 44: Record the weight, size, damage, rate of fire, and range information for each weapon carried. Include type and speed factors if those optional rules are in play.

    10. Magical Items 

    Upon acceptance into this game,  I said you can have 5 magical items of your choice and that an artifact counts as 3 items.  Keynotes here are,  what we have agreed on between you and me about what's on your character sheet,  is between you and I.  I am not about cloning people to have exact numbers of equal items. Submit your inquiries.  An example of one such exception I can think of to this is easy.  A position of the title,  say,  a guardian or someone with a significant role,  which goes into great detail about the why's and how's one might be in possession of something.  All I have to say is,  I warn you now,  your creativity only triggers mine.  I have the encyclopedia magica set,  which holds 4 billion 500 million magical items,  so chances are if its from a book of 2nd edition or earlier,  I can look it up

    Note on choosing magical items

    10.1 Artifacts count as 3 magical items 

    10.2 Magical Mounts count as 3 magical items

    11. HIstory 

    some people take weeks writing up a history and if you do,  great. if you don't,  then perhaps you'll share with us,  a little of your history in the way you role play.  if you want to make notations about key places and things like residence,  your clan,  corporation or organization,  feel free to write it up in your history section.  

    11. belong to any organizations? 

    11.2 Government Agencies? 

    11.3 Strongholds,  townhouses, mansions,  condo's or castles? 

    11.4 Business Endeavors? 

    12. Guilds, Orders, or Clans? 

    13. Henchmen, hirelings,  armies, servants, or followers? 

    As is shown in one's Charisma score,  you might be entitled to henchmen.  And if you ask,  I shall provide.  but how about placing an add in the world wide web that you are looking for?  Then I'll list in the game's description and pages so that,  for the fun of it,  you can hire a real player as one of your henchmen?

    One such example of a scene of

    “Yes sir, Mr.” he hesitates, at pronunciation, “uh, Mishablatoni. You say you're visiting Earth for the first time. Do we have any magical items you'd like to declare? And please, if you would be so kind. Register here. What do you have in mind? Perhaps I can offer you some recommendations. “I wish to see this Disney World, I do hear it is a magical kingdom, so highly spoken of.”. The greeter almost chuckled, “You will love it. It's a different kind of magical though, you'll love it. Also please be advised, under the EM Accord Code and Conduct, we remind you that magic is not the native language on Earth as your probably well aware. Although the practice of magic is welcome. Visitors are subject to the laws of the hosting world they are visiting. Just place your mark here and you'll be good to go.” “how exciting, we may actually learn some new magic?”

    “Mr. Smith, welcome. A first-time visit to Tethyr?” Silently, he shakes his head no, then says, “I”m a frequent flier, here are my credentials.” he says passing his Identification to be looked at. Scanning it, the greeter then says, in a very practiced monotone way, 'please be advised, under the EM Accord Code and Conduct, we remind you that magic is the native language in the Mageries as your probably well aware. Visitors are subject to the laws of the hosting world they are visiting. Just place your mark here and you'll be good to go.”

    I'll be disembarking at these co-ordinates of today's course.” Receiving papers being handed to him, a custodian of affairs scoffs at the remark. “Not likely, I'm afraid. This is a tourism vessel, for the safety of..” Being interrupted, the stranger repeats. “I'll be leaving the vessel at these co-ordinates. I won't need any further assistance. Mind your tone and run the papers. This was never a request. I would explain it to you, but I'm not going to keep repeating myself all day. Run the papers, do your job.”

    Many eyebrows raised at this, all eyes watching the stranger waiting to cross the passage unto the island. “I'm not here for tourism, I'm working you moron, run the papers, this is official business.” the one running the papers, kept his eyes on the screen, when the results came up, he frowned in disappointment. “Greenlight.” he returns his papers, “Just be sure your business, is off this vessel. Its an ancient and sacred place. No place for..“ He was abruptly interrupted again, “You will do well to never remind me of my business again.” IN fact, you may want to put in for a transfer, based on what I'm feeling. I am seriously thinking I might accept this position after all. Yes, in fact, point me in the direction of your ex-commanding officer. My business is with him now.” A nearby officer spoke up, “This vessel falls under the military control of Rift guard, who are you to suddenly take command?” He grinned his answer, “Lord Merseelis Fu, inherent Lord of this Ancient floating cemetery. I invoke my claim here as....RULER...no wait...Overlord”

    “To arms, to arms, seize this man!” calls out as people move to surround him and he calls out aloud, “Guido of Pore, why have you not spoken?” As he says this, he looks around himself at the ground, as the rod in his hand transforms into a black magnificent bastard sword. The ground shimmy's and the sand rises into the shape of a ghostly image of the sand-man made of swirling sand. “I am only alive so much as is the order. Long has it slept, long has it rested. Long has your grave remained empty awaiting you.” Merseelis laughed, “Silence servant of Pore. You know what I speak is truth, as Lord, you are mine to command. Close the city walls and give me the beaches. The Zaratan will proceed with its course uninterrupted. I invoke my command and sanctuary, none here may challenge, save those who bear the mark.”

    To what do we owe this pleasure, Keeper of M. We received no word of your itinerary.

    I received word that there was a violation from this house., several in fact. Intrusion and obstruction regarding a decree issued by me.

    Your silence dictates no denial of these facts. I am here to address, these intrusions.

    My lord, the only concerns this house and its governors have, is incompetent humans of earth being...in charge of the gates. It is not within their power to hold them, as they have proven incapable of doing.

    Oh, so when I decree that both sides shall maintain an accord of peace and hold these gates. At whatever means. You withhold your support and let the lines, Foley. Your emphasis seemingly being their capability, while you withhold your own. And might I remind you, humans were chosen by M to do this. As I was chosen as its keeper. I decide who the bearers are. A house as ancient as this one, need quickly look into its allegiances and undo what has been done. Unleash your hold of the gates. Keepers have work to do.

    As you can see, its unlimited world of possibilities. And how does it hold anything for you? Perhaps you and a friend or a group of friends entertain me as to how this campaign setting entertains you? You may be a multi-world adventurer. You may resist all temptation of the modern worlds and be a die-hard medieval gamer, embedded deep into the worlds of magic never to look back. You may be a native of that world, or earth, no matter. Humans exist and existed on both sides. Just cause your human doesn't mean you're from Earth, is what I'm trying to say. If your deadset against modern and medieval together. I tell ya, 99% of players who've played in my games, played straight-up traditional 2nd edition d&d, heroes, swords, and magic the whole nine yards. This story is about the modern world that woke up the real worlds of magics. If under the age of twenty, you could be of any race, born in any world, with quite a tale to tell, all yours to embellish. I'm going to leave the original write up below, in case it helps in any way. But this game is made for new and experienced players, all are welcome.

    Twenty years ago, the universe learned that magic was not something made up, it was not trickery or fake, it was very real. But that's a very long story, one taught in every history book of man's evolution into magic. In case you were born under a rock though, mankind had forgotten about magic for centuries but found it again in the year 2110. It's the year 2130 now. The transition into magic believing Earth was not easy. It cost mankind nearly a billion lives. At one point, the deity known as M. Who we all know now is the entity of magic itself. Even the very magic the Gods draw their divinity from. So that makes M sort of a paragon God. Or above greater Gods as scholars might say. Earth found out that its legends like dragons, were real and that they really existed. And that in fact, they still existed, they were just home. Which turned out to be a mirror dimension of Earth, and they rule it. Crazy huh, but it turns out there were a total of ten different dimensions. All having key importance in the way Earth use to be. You see, something called Christianity began and many followed its beliefs. And in those beliefs, magic was sort of hedged out if you can imagine. No one knows how, but Earth divided into different dimensions. Old beliefs went one direction and new beliefs went another. But ya know, this is a debate that no two sides agree on completely. But long story short, magic opened rifts from all the dimensions into Earth. This resulted in roughly ten years of war. Did anyone win? Not really, it's just safe to say, the battle goes on. While there are those who would never see an end in the fight, there are many who now, after twenty years, have learned to live with the new way of the world and its many new inhabitants. Surprisingly too, a great many things of good came out of the co-existence. And even though there are a great many places in the M dimension you would not want to go. Many inhabitants of the earth have embraced the new worlds and even integrated themselves in deep.

    At first, the permission to travel into the M dimensions was restricted to military and agencies. This could never be controlled however, with close to four thousand rifts open at any given time within the ten worlds. Supremacy eventually was found to be M's. The many civilizations good and bad that were also victims of this joining, were too vast and too spread out to per se, conquer. It quickly came to be known that indeed both sides were victims of the rifts opening. Military strikes, covert ops, agency operations, denizen invasions. The shear wake of its destruction between rivals, found itself caught up in a battlefield of bloodshed that knew no bounds. That is until the wizards of The Emporial Mageries felt that only they could end the wars. Although they were followers of the deity M, they were good people. Humans, born in the Mageries. An innate world of magic governed by Magocracy. It was only their power, that could stop the fighting. By intervening and taking control of the rifts, which they explained were called Gates of Arcanum. They made peace with the humans of Earth and joined forces with military leaders from all of earth's countries by whatever means necessary it took. Which meant basically, those who resisted and continued to want to fight and attack were attacked, until they relented. If I said that were the end of it, I'd be lying. Because as powerful as the wizards of the Mageries were. Even they would need the alliance to keep control and peace of these nearly five thousand gates inter-dimension-ally.

    As the wars subsided. Modern advanced technologies such as computers, artificial intelligence, and machinery, found themselves enthralled by the great minds of wizards from this new world. Wizards were more powerful than any myths had ever been passed on. In just a short time, the magic found that it could manipulate and control modern technology. Once the council of views had control of Earth's defenses, global strike protocols, that was the end of the military resistance. Luckily they truly were about peace. And they aligned themselves with those who would have and keep the peace. With the accord that, we are all living beings, who all deserve life and have a purpose. And with safeguards in place, the peoples of all sides of the dimensional universe began to explore.