Dungeons & Dragons (5.x)
Forgotten Realms

The sky has been slowly darkening all day, and the smell of rain has been thick in the air. Now it has finally begun to fall, accompanied by loud peals of thunder that seem to roll across the landscape. The sun is hidden behind massive storm clouds, and a cold wind blows from the north. As bolts of lightning begin to slam from cloud to ground and pieces of hail begin to strike the earth, the need for shelter becomes obvious.

Ahead in the distance, a large tor rises from the ground, its form illuminated by the occasional lightning bolt. It seems rocky and solid, and though climbing it in this weather would be folly, it might have some outcropping that would provide safety from the storm. The only alternative is to endure the weather and in this part of the Realms, that is no alternative.

As you hasten nearer to the hope of shelter, the hail increases in both size and quantity, near to the point of doing actual harm. As a series of lightning strikes illuminate the face of the tor, and worked opening is visible.  Occupied or not, dangerous or not, you no longer care.

This short adventure requires a Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition character of 3rd level.  At this time, we will be doing as much testing of the system as playing through the adventure. If you'd like to help, and hopefully have some fun along the way, please create your character and apply with it.